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CESM Models: CCSM1.4 CSM Data Ocean Model



This ocean model component interacts with the CSM Flux Coupler just like any ocean model would, but it is not an active model, rather, it takes SST data from an input data file and sends it to the Coupler, ignoring any forcing data received from the Coupler. Typically the input data file contains climatological SST data (e.g. from Shea, Trenberth, & Reynolds). Such a "dummy" ocean model is useful for seeing how an active atmosphere component behaves when coupled to climatological SST data.

Publicly Released Versions

Currently only one version is available publicly. The Flux Coupler and other component models (atmosphere, sea-ice, & land) must be supplied separately.

Version 4.0 (released July 1998). This version is functionally equivalent to any previous version used at NCAR. [documentation] [source code]

Copyright Notice

the NCAR Climatological Data Ocean Model is subject to Copyright (C) 1998, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, All Rights Reserved.