Land Ice Working Group plans and priorities for 2014 / early 2015

May 2014 - Complete implementation and testing of 2-way
coupling between CISM and CESM, including dynamic land units, coupling of liquid and solid runoff fluxes between ice sheet and ocean, and ice sheet topography feedbacks to atmosphere.

June 2014 - Release CISM 2.0 with robust, parallel, 3d, higherorder dycore (based on the Glissade dycore, currently being developed and tested at LANL).

June 2014 - Initial evaluation of Antarctic surface mass balance (SMB) on 1° CLM grid.

September 2014 - Complete conservation needed for 2-way coupling. This includes conservation of quantities in CLM with dynamic landunits, as well as a conservative mapping scheme used for the downscaling and upscaling of fields sent to / from CISM. Support for downscaling of SMB onto Antarctica grids.

September 2014 - Scientific validation of active Greenland ice sheet and 2-way coupling between CESM and CISM 1.0.

June 2014 (initial); January 2015 (complete)- Provide a basic validation capability for the CISM model within the Land Ice Verification and Validation (LIVV) toolkit. This involves the presentation of a range of variables calculated from CISM model simulations deemed important to assess ice sheet simulation quality.

June 2014 (initial); January 2015 (complete) - As an extension of previous item, provide a basic validation capability using LIVV for assessing CESM variables relevant to coupled CESM-CISM simulations. Where relevant, include a comparison of these variables to other model simulations and observationally-based data products.

September 2014 - Provide scientific validation for an active Greenland ice sheet with 2-way coupling within CESM for a CISM 1.0 configuration.

December 2014 - Complete implementation and testing of CISM 2.0 with 2-way coupling to CESM.

Winter 2014 - For CISM 2.0 on supported Greenland grids, generate initial conditions in equilibrium with CESM generated SMB forcing for pre-industrial climate.

Winter 2014 / Spring 2015 - Scientific validation of active Greenland ice sheet and 2-way coupling between CESM and CISM 2.0.

Spring 2015 - Support release of scientifically validated CISM 1.0 & 2.0 coupled to CESM for release with CESM 1.3, with support for Greenland ice sheet simulations.