2017 CESM Awards

2017 CESM Distinguished Achievement Award - Cecile Hannay & Richard Neale

Rich and Cecile have been serving as the AMWG co-chair and science liaison, respectively, for many years. In these roles, they have made significant contributions to CAM model developments and have directed the overall CAM activities for many years. Their tireless efforts have increased the reliability, accessibility, and usability of CAM and CESM more generally by the scientific community. They are true community scientists and regularly volunteer for activities that enhance the overall CESM project.

During the CESM2 development, as for past model versions, they have gone above and beyond, not only to implement and assess developments within CAM, but also have performed and analyzed numerous preliminary coupled simulations.

2017 CESM Workshop Graduate Student Award - Leo van Kampenhout

The contribution of the two major ice sheets (Antarctica, Greenland) to future sea level rise, especially after 2100, is still highly uncertain, as large feedbacks exists between these ice sheets and the rest of the globe (ocean, atmosphere). In his work, Leo van Kampenhout attempts to improve the representation of ice sheets in CESM, with the aim of directly solving the mass balance — and therefore sea level contribution — of ice sheets in coupled climate simulations, with a focus on the surface mass balance.