2015 BGCWG Workshop Presentations

Carbon-Nitrogen cycling in CLM5
Will Wieder, NCAR-CGD

Nitrogen acquisition costs to plants reduce net primary production at the global scale
Mingjie Shi

Implementing ECA kinetics for multiple nutrient constraints on carbon cycle processes
Bill Riley

Aerosol impacts on North American carbon uptake in CESM
Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

Transient traceability analysis of modeled land carbon cycle dynamics
Yiqi Luo

BGC Working Group Update
Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD

Influence of explicit phaeocystis parameterizations on the global distribution of marine dimethyl sulfide
Shanlin Wang

Seasonal and inter-annual variability in wetland methane emissions simulated by CLM4Me′ and CAM-Chem and comparisons to observations of concentrations
Lei Meng

Fire-ozone interactions
Danica Lombardozzi

Development of a region-specific wildfire scheme under the CAM5- CLM4.5BGC coupling framework
Yufei Zou

Putting bugs into CLM: A prognostic model of mountain pine beetle outbreaks
Jeff Hicke