2018 CESM Workshop

Event Details

Event Start Date: 06/18/2018 - 8:00am
Event End Date: 06/20/2018 - 5:00pm
Location: Center Green Auditorium, Boulder, CO

Event Agenda

View the agenda in PDF format here

Working Group Files


View the participants in PDF format here

Event Webcasts

These webcasts will be available live from approximately 8:00 AM MDT to 5:00 PM MDT on each day of the workshop.

There is a separate webcast for each of the three conference rooms. Refer to the event agenda for the conference room to which you would like to view

Please note that it may take a few seconds after connecting for the video and audio to start while the player buffers. These webcasts do require that Adobe Flash Player be installed on your machine. If you need help installing Flash Player or if you still experience problems connecting, please contact your IT staff first.
If you still need further assistance after that, please send email to help@cgd.ucar.edu and we can try to assist.

Event Photos

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