2018 Workshop Presentations

AMWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
An update of CESM2 coupled simulationsCecile Hannay
Climate implications of longwave scattering by cloudsChia Ping Kuo
On the dynamical mechanisms governing El Nino-Southern Oscillation regularityJudith Berner
Ocean feedbacks to the MJO in the CESM2Charlotte DeMott
Evaluating the hydroclimatology of the South America Andes using variable-resolution CESMAlan Rhoades
Mesoscale convective systems in variable-resolution CESMAshley Payne
Next-generatoin FV3-based weather and climate models at GFDLLucas Harris
Evaluating the physics at a lower resolution in CAM-SE-CSLAM: Results and lessonsAdam Herrington
Evaluating and improving the simulation of deep convective cloud top heights in CAM5 using CloudSat observationsGuang Zhang
Equatorial wave sensitivity to CAM convection modificationsRich Neale
CLUBB updateVince Larson

BGCWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Biogeochemistry Working Group updateKeith Lindsay
Multicentury climate impacts on ocean biogeochemistryKeith Moore
The influence of vegetation canopy structure on the drivers of gross primary productionMatthew Wozniak
Nitrification, denitrification and nitrous oxide fluxes in CLM5Cynthia Nevison
Data Assimilation workflow for CTSM using DARTTim Hoar
Constraining the global C cycle with multiple leaf area and biomass observationsAndrew Fox
Benchmarking FATES at BCICharlie Koven
Importance of climate, size structure and fuels for fire: FATES-SPITFIREJackie Shuman

CCWG & WAWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Status of CAM-chem and WACCM in CESM2Co-chairs
Near tropopause halogen chemistry indicators using occultation observations and WACCM simulationsDoug Kinnison
Tropospheric chemistry and aerosol performance in CESM2 WACCM and CAM-chemSimone Tilmes
Dust transport with CESMXiaohong Liu
The effect of variability in fire emission factors on inter-inventory differencesRebecca Buchholz
Lessons learned from using simplified chemical mechanisms and new paths forwardBen Brown-Steiner
The simulation of stratospheric water vapor over the Asian summer monsoon region in CESM1 (WACCM) modelsXinyue Wang
Stratospheric aerosols, PSCs, and ozone after Calbuco eruption 2015Yunqian Zhu
Middle atmosphere WACCM studies at CU BoulderJosh Pettit

CVCWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Increased eddy activity in the northeastern Pacific during 1993-2011Mengrong Ding
The use of reliability budget with CESM-DART to discern model biasesJonathan Eliashiv
Role of perturbing ocean initial condition in simulated regional sea level changeAixue Hu
Attributing the U.S. Southwest's recent shift into drier conditionsFlavio Lehner
Diverse Rossby wave propagation behaviors from the theoretical analysis and possible implicationsYanjie Li
Southern Ocean heat uptake, redistribution and storage in a warming climate: The role of meriodional overturning circulationWei Liu
The nonlinear climate feedbacks and ITCZ shift revealed by Q-flux Green's function experimentsJian Lu
Sources of skill in decadal predictions of Sahel precipitationElizabeth Maroon
Modeled and observed multi-decadal variablilty in the North Atlantic jet streamIsla Simpson
Effect of ocean-atmosphere coupling on global tripical cyclone activity and variability using CESM with 25km atmosphere resolutionRyan Sriver
Circumglobal response to prescribed soil moisture over North AmericaHaiyan Teng
The mechanism of influencing North America Monsoon Systems (NAMS) variabilityShanru Tian
Could the North Pacific Oscillation be modified by the initiation of East Asian winter monsoon?Yu-heng Tseng
Concurrent increases in wet and dry extremes projected in Texas and combined effects on groundwaterJon-Ho Yoon
Impact of Ningaloo Nino on tropical Pacific and an inter-basin coupling mechanismLei Zhang
Why does Amazon precipitation decrease?Baird Langenbrunner
Climate responses to 11-year and lower frequency solar variations in The Last Millennium EnsembleBob Tomas
CVCWG plans for the next yearCo-chair

LIWG & PCWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
CISM v2.1 in CESM2Bill Lipscomb
Antarctic MIP results using CISMGunter Leguy
Implementing calving laws based on linear elastic fracture mechanics into ice sheet modelRavindra Duddu
SHAKTI: Subglacial Hydrology and Kinetic Transient Interactions, a meltwater drainage model with flexible geometry applied to Store Glacier in west GreenlandAleah Sommers
Sea ice in CESM2David Bailey
CICE and POP boundary-exchange performance optimization (High-resolution and large-scale runYoungsung Kim
Remote and autonomous measurements of precipitation in AntarcticaMark Seefeldt
Untangling the past, present, and future of GreenlandIce Sheet precipitation using CloudSat observations with CESM simulationsDrew Camron

LMWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
CLM updateDave Lawrence
Moving towards a global biogeophysical parameter optimization of CLM5Katie Dagon
Implementing new parameterizations for snow nonsphericity and aerosol-snow internal mixing into the CLM snow model (SNICAR)Cenlin He
Simulation of sub-canopy longwave radiation in boreal forests and its impact on snow coverMarkus Todt
Soil moisture predictability at inter-seasonal to inter-annual time scalesSanjiv Kumar
The climate impact of changing land surface properties: Coupled vs. offline simulations don't agreeMarysa Lague
Disagreement between observed and simulated temperature responeses to deforestationLiang Chen
A new historical global crop time series for evaluating CLM5 crop distributions, harvest area, irrigation and yieldsPeter Lawrence
Using anomaly forcing CLM for crop yield projectionsYaqiong Lu
Historical impacts and mitigation potential of different tillage practices in the Community Land ModelMichael Graham

OMWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Update on forced ocean-sea-ice simulations with JRA55-doWho Kim
A complimentary, energetically consistent closure to the Gent-McWilliams parameterizationScott Bachman
Improving vertical mixing parameterizations in MOM6Gustavo Marques
Exploring long-term predictability of tropical cyclones using CESM Decadal Prediction Large Ensemble (CESM-DP-LE)Wei-Cheng Hsu
A predictive fisheries catch metric for CMIP6-OMIP Earth System models, with applications to nuclear winter and global warming scenariosCheryl Harrison
Discussion (CESM-2.x, CMIP6, OMWG science goals for coming year)-

PWG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Short circuit mechanism of abrupt transitions in tropical climateCharles Jackson
How models can inform proxy data inferences of ENSO variabilityEsther Brady
Cretaceous plant fossils - implications for paleotemperature and paleoprecipitationGary Upchurch
Climate change of the Southern Ocean in response to topographic forcing durning the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximumMikaela Brown
Application of CISM2 to evaluate PMIP3 LGM climatologies over the North American ice sheetsJay Alder
Update of ITRACE for the last deglaciationChengfei He
Year in review and plans for next yearBette Otto-Bliesner

Societal Dimensions Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Overview: A review of human-Earth system modeling, and an E3SM perspective on directions on societally-relevant climate researchKate Calvin
Climate-society-carbon cycle feedbacks such evaluated using iESMAndy Jones
CESM-HD: Building a participatory framework between Human Decision making and Earth System modelingSanjiv Kumar
The Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project - bridging the gap between uncertainties in Atmospheric River detection and impact analysisChristine Shields
Overview - the Community Terrestrial Systems Model - an open source platform for land-based impacts researchDavid Lawrence
Discussion (CESM's future directions in societally relevant research)-

SWEG Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
The Pangeo Platform: Interactive data analytics for CESMKevin Paul
CESM2 releaseMariana Vertenstein
Running CESM2 on the AWS cloudBrian Dobbins
CICE & POP boundary-exchange performance optimizationYoungsung Kim
Advancing coupling infrastructure for CESM with ESMF / NUOPCRocky Dunlap

Big Data & Storage Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Current state of CESM data holdings and practicesGary Strand

Labrador Sea Physics & Dynamics Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Introduction and backgroundRich Neale
Ocean processesJustin Small
Atmospheric processesAlice DuVivier

Modeling Sea Level Changes Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Welcome and introductionBill Lipscomb
Summary of past meetingsSusan Bates
NASA Sea level science teamSteve Nerem

Unified Atmosphereic Modeling / Singletrack Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
What is Singletrack?-
What does Singletrack mean for CESM?-
Dynamical cores-
Physical parameterization-
Unified Chemistry: MICM-

Other Presentations

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