CESM1.0: CLM Documentation


    The Community Land Model version 4 in CESM1.0.4 is the latest in a series of land models developed through the CESM project. More information on the CLM project and access to previous CLM model versions and documentation can be found via the CLM Web Page.


  • CLM4 in CESM1.0.4 User's Guide [html] [pdf] (Last update: Mar/31/2012)
  • What's new in the CESM1.0.4 release of CLM4? [html]
  • What's new in the CESM1.0.3 release of CLM4? [html]
  • What's new in the CESM1.0.2 release of CLM4? [html]
  • What's new in the CESM1.0.1 release of CLM4? [html]
  • What's new in the CESM1.0 release of CLM4? [html] [pdf]
  • What's new in CLM4.0 relative to CLM3.5? [pdf]
  • CLM4.0 Technical Note [pdf] (Last update: Jun/17/2010)
  • CLM4.0 Urban Model Technical Note [pdf] (Last update: Jan/11/2011)
  • CLM4.0 Crop and Irrigation Model Technical Description[pdf] (Last update: Jun/15/2011)

Model Design and Development

  • Request for Developers Access (Need to be an active close collaborator)[html]
  • CLM Developers Guide [html]
  • CLM Version Control Management and Process [html]
  • CLM4/CESM1.0.4 Code Reference Guide [html]
  • CESM1.0 All active model code browser [html]

Model output and offline forcing data and diagnostic plots

CLM Post-Processing Utilities

List of minor Problems with CLM