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What's New in CESM1.1.1


Release Notes


Release Notes

CESM1.1.1 is now supported on machines Yellowstone and Titan. CESM1.1.1 has the flexibility to configure cases with many different combinations of component models, grids, and models settings. We are in the process of scientifically validating more resolutions and component sets, primarily targeted to CAM5 component sets. Validated CESM1.1.1 model results and diagnostics are posted under Experiments & Diagnostics.

What's New

Answer-Changing Features

CESM1.1.1 results are non-bit-for-bit when compared with the CESM1.1 results due to:

Please see the CESM1.1 answer-changing features for more details.



Users can find a list of machines which are recognized by the cesm1_1_2 scripts in the CESM1 User's Guide.