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CSM software is based on a framework which divides the complete climate system into component models connected by a flux coupler. This design requires four component models -- atmosphere, land, ocean, and sea-ice -- each connected to the coupler, and each exchanging data with the coupler only. From a software engineering point of view, the CSM is not a particular climate model, but a framework for building and testing various climate models for various applications. In this sense, more than any particular component model, the flux coupler defines the high-level design of CSM software.

The flux coupler code has several key functions within the CSM framework:

Publicly Released Versions

Following are several versions of the CSM flux coupler software. Note that the Coupler code merely connects atmosphere, sea-ice, land, and ocean component models -- the component models themselves must be supplied separately.

Release Dates

Our policy is to release code as soon as possible after the code has been used in a meaningful production run and it appears to be working correctly. While we do have target dates for code releases, we can't guarantee code will be released on a particular date, but can only say that we will release it when we're confident that it ready for use in production runs.

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