DPLE | Known Issues

  • The edison machine at NERSC was taken offline before all output could be processed and archived. As a result, some of the 1-10 members are missing for some start years for some fields. This appears to primarily impact daily CAM output from the following start dates: 2011-11, 2012-11, 2013-11. Known affected fields include: PRECT, PRECTMX, TREFHTMN, TREFHTMX, TS, Z500.
  • Not all outputs are consistently available for all members. Members 1-10 were integrated on NERSC machines, and the output streams for members 11-40 (run on Cheyenne) were modified in order to limit data storage requirements. A list of available output fields for members 11-40 can be found here.
  • The daily PRECTMX field (maximum daily precipitation) should NOT be used, as it contains daily average precipitation as a result of an incorrect namelist setting.
  • The file b.e11.BDP.f09_g16.1976-11.006.pop.h.DIA_IMPVF_TEMP.197611-198612.nc was found to be corrupt and has been removed.

If you encounter others issues with the DPLE data, please report these to [yeager@ucar.edu.