Co-Author: Kevin Raeder
A subset of the large ensemble output has been archived in an alternate form. A 96-member ensemble of full restart file sets (plus CAM initial files) at the beginning of each month are available on NCAR's HPSS (/CCSM/dart/FV0.9x1.25x30_cesm1_1_1/{Mmm}1/b.e11.B20TRC5CNBDRD.f09_g16.{component}_{member}.{file_type}.{date}.nc.gz) Each ensemble was collected from Large Ensemble members 1-16 from years 2000-5 (6 years). They have been renamed and grouped so that the first day of each month (of a non-specific year) has an ensemble of 96 members.

The original intended use of these sets is as an initial ensemble for data assimilation experiments using the CESM multi-instance capability and the Data Assimilation Research Testbed (CESM+DART). Each ensemble represents a climatological spread of the CESM model for each month of the early 21st century. Other potential uses include ensemble forecasting in the CAPT framework and ensemble statistical analysis of fields found in restart files which are not in the single-variable time series which are the main product of the large ensemble project.