Magnitude, robustness and spatio-temporal structure of changes in temperature and precipitation extremes

Co-Author: Harald Rieder
Co-Author: Lorenzo Polvani
Co-Author: Clara Deser
Co-Author: Judith Perlwitz
We are interested in analyzing daily temperature and precipitation data in the Large Ensemble members and the control run to investigate the significance, robustness and spatial structure of changes in climate extremes (index based and over the pdf range). Of particular interest are questions related to the timing of emerging signals, joint probabilities, spatial homogeneity/heterogeneity, and event magnitude and frequency. Also, we are interested in analyzing the daily and sub-daily data of the Large Ensemble members and of the control run to investigate the probability and robustness of changes in meteorological variables relevant for agriculture (e.g., growing season start and length, dry/wet spells, etc) on various temporal and spatial scales.