Sensitivity to vertical resolution

46-level CAM

Level location L30, L46, L70

This plot shows the 46 levels relative to CAM levels (L30) and to WACCM levels (L70)

Case description

AMWG diagnostics

Casename Case Description Diagnostics
30L_cam5301_FAMIP 30L AMIP run
w/ obs
46L_cam5301_B03F2_taper2_D05_FAMIP 46L AMIP run
+ GW wave

w/ obs
w/ 30L
w/ 30L+GW

Climate variability diagnostics

The climate variability diagnostics for 6 ensemble members at L30 and L46 can be found at:

In particular, it is interesting to look at the DJF response to El Nino and to the DJF NAM response.

Sudden Straspheric Warmings (SSW)

The biggest improvement comes from the analysis of SSWs as in the plot of the NAM composite for various events.

Quasi Biennal Oscillation (QBO)

This plot shows the improvement in tropical zonal winds (i.e the QBO) for the L46 model