Model: CESM2 (WACCM-X)
Case Name: f.e20.FXSD.f19_f19.001
Description: Output are from the CESM2(WACCM-X).The model’s dynamical fields (temperature, zonal and meridional winds and surface pressure) are specified in the troposphere and stratosphere from the Modern Era Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) [Rienecker et al., 2011]. The model has a horizontal resolution of 1.9˚ latitude by 2.5˚ longitude. This simulation followed the “REFC1D” protocol of the Chemistry Climate Model Initiative [Eyring et al., 2013] for the specification of time-dependent greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. Data are provided for evaluation/validation purposes. Please contact marsh@ucar.edu for terms of use.
Month Published: June, 2017

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