Geoengineering Large Ensemble (Feedback)

ESG Name: Geoengineering Large Ensemble (Feedback)
Case Name: ucar.cgd.ccsm4.GLE.Feedback
Description: The Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Large Ensemble project is a 20-member ensemble of stratospheric sulfate aerosol geoengineering simulations between 2020-2099 and a 20-member ensemble of control simulations over a reference period between 2010-2030 using the NCAR Community Earth System Model with the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model as its atmospheric component. These are the geoengineering feedback simulations; the control simulations are also available.
Additional Information: DOI 10.5065/D6JH3JXX. Geoengineering Large Ensemble project information and references
Month Published:January, 2018
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