SO2 injection matrix simulations

ESG Name: SO2 injection control and feedback simulations
Case Name: ucar.cgd.ccsm4.so2_ctl_fb
Description: The first simulations of stratospheric sulfate aerosol geoengineering using multiple injection locations to meet multiple simultaneous surface temperature objectives. Simulations were performed using CESM1(WACCM), a coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model with fully interactive stratospheric chemistry, dynamics (including an internally generated quasi-biennial oscillation), and a sophisticated treatment of sulfate aerosol formation, microphysical growth, and deposition. The objectives are defined as maintaining three temperature features at their 2020 levels against a background of the RCP8.5 scenario over the period 2020-2099. These objectives are met using a feedback mechanism in which the rate of sulfur dioxide injection at each of the four locations is adjusted independently every year of simulation (Kravitz et al., 2017). Additional control simulations were performed for model evaluation purposes (Mills et al., 2017)
Additional Information: DOI 10.5065/D6PC313T
Month Published:July, 2017
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