2016 Winter WG Meeting Presentations | Joint

CAM Update
Rich Neale

CLM Update
David Lawrence

POP Update
Gokhan Danabasoglu

CICE Update
Marika Holland

CISM Update
Bill Lipscomb

WACCM Update
Andrew Gettelman

Chemistry / Biogeochemistry
Louisa Emmons

Simulation summary and overview of climate state
Cecile Hannay

Ocean State
Gokhan Danabasoglu

Marika Holland

Report card on energy and water budgets of CESM1.5
John Fasullo

Assessment of variability in CESM1.5
Clara Deser

High-frequency variability
Rich Neale

Ice-sheet mass balance
Jan Lenaerts

Clouds in CESM1.5
Jennifer Kay

Aerosol forcing and feedbacks in CESM1.5
Andrew Gettelman

Land-atmosphere couplings
Ahmed Tawfik

Land / ocean biogeochemistry
Keith Lindsay