2018 AMWG Workshop Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
An update of CESM2 coupled simulationsCecile Hannay
Climate implications of longwave scattering by cloudsChia Ping Kuo
On the dynamical mechanisms governing El Nino-Southern Oscillation regularityJudith Berner
Ocean feedbacks to the MJO in the CESM2Charlotte DeMott
Evaluating the hydroclimatology of the South America Andes using variable-resolution CESMAlan Rhoades
Mesoscale convective systems in variable-resolution CESMAshley Payne
Next-generatoin FV3-based weather and climate models at GFDLLucas Harris
Evaluating the physics at a lower resolution in CAM-SE-CSLAM: Results and lessonsAdam Herrington
Evaluating and improving the simulation of deep convective cloud top heights in CAM5 using CloudSat observationsGuang Zhang
Equatorial wave sensitivity to CAM convection modificationsRich Neale
CLUBB updateVince Larson

Other Presentations

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