2018 Cross WG Workshop Presentations

Societal Dimensions

Presentation Title Presenter
Overview: A review of human-Earth system modeling, and an E3SM perspective on directions on societally-relevant climate researchKate Calvin
Climate-society-carbon cycle feedbacks such evaluated using iESMAndy Jones
CESM-HD: Building a participatory framework between Human Decision making and Earth System modelingSanjiv Kumar
The Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project - bridging the gap between uncertainties in Atmospheric River detection and impact analysisChristine Shields
Overview - the Community Terrestrial Systems Model - an open source platform for land-based impacts researchDavid Lawrence
Discussion (CESM's future directions in societally relevant research)-

Big Data & Storage

Presentation Title Presenter
Current state of CESM data holdings and practicesGary Strand

Labrador Sea Physics & Dynamics

Presentation Title Presenter
Introduction and backgroundRich Neale
Ocean processesJustin Small
Atmospheric processesAlice DuVivier

Modeling Sea Level Changes

Presentation Title Presenter
Welcome and introductionBill Lipscomb
Summary of past meetingsSusan Bates
NASA Sea level science teamSteve Nerem

Unified Atmosphereic Modeling / Singletrack

Presentation Title Presenter
What is Singletrack?-
What does Singletrack mean for CESM?-
Dynamical cores-
Physical parameterization-
Unified Chemistry: MICM-

Other Presentations

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