2018 CVCWG Workshop Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
Increased eddy activity in the northeastern Pacific during 1993-2011Mengrong Ding
The use of reliability budget with CESM-DART to discern model biasesJonathan Eliashiv
Role of perturbing ocean initial condition in simulated regional sea level changeAixue Hu
Attributing the U.S. Southwest's recent shift into drier conditionsFlavio Lehner
Diverse Rossby wave propagation behaviors from the theoretical analysis and possible implicationsYanjie Li
Southern Ocean heat uptake, redistribution and storage in a warming climate: The role of meriodional overturning circulationWei Liu
The nonlinear climate feedbacks and ITCZ shift revealed by Q-flux Green's function experimentsJian Lu
Sources of skill in decadal predictions of Sahel precipitationElizabeth Maroon
Modeled and observed multi-decadal variablilty in the North Atlantic jet streamIsla Simpson
Effect of ocean-atmosphere coupling on global tripical cyclone activity and variability using CESM with 25km atmosphere resolutionRyan Sriver
Circumglobal response to prescribed soil moisture over North AmericaHaiyan Teng
The mechanism of influencing North America Monsoon Systems (NAMS) variabilityShanru Tian
Could the North Pacific Oscillation be modified by the initiation of East Asian winter monsoon?Yu-heng Tseng
Concurrent increases in wet and dry extremes projected in Texas and combined effects on groundwaterJon-Ho Yoon
Impact of Ningaloo Nino on tropical Pacific and an inter-basin coupling mechanismLei Zhang
Why does Amazon precipitation decrease?Baird Langenbrunner
Climate responses to 11-year and lower frequency solar variations in The Last Millennium EnsembleBob Tomas
CVCWG plans for the next yearCo-chair

Other Presentations

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