2018 LIWG & PCWG Workshop Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
CISM v2.1 in CESM2Bill Lipscomb
Antarctic MIP results using CISMGunter Leguy
Implementing calving laws based on linear elastic fracture mechanics into ice sheet modelRavindra Duddu
SHAKTI: Subglacial Hydrology and Kinetic Transient Interactions, a meltwater drainage model with flexible geometry applied to Store Glacier in west GreenlandAleah Sommers
Sea ice in CESM2David Bailey
CICE and POP boundary-exchange performance optimization (High-resolution and large-scale runYoungsung Kim
Remote and autonomous measurements of precipitation in AntarcticaMark Seefeldt
Untangling the past, present, and future of GreenlandIce Sheet precipitation using CloudSat observations with CESM simulationsDrew Camron

Other Presentations

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