2018 LMWG Workshop Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter
CLM updateDave Lawrence
Moving towards a global biogeophysical parameter optimization of CLM5Katie Dagon
Implementing new parameterizations for snow nonsphericity and aerosol-snow internal mixing into the CLM snow model (SNICAR)Cenlin He
Simulation of sub-canopy longwave radiation in boreal forests and its impact on snow coverMarkus Todt
Soil moisture predictability at inter-seasonal to inter-annual time scalesSanjiv Kumar
The climate impact of changing land surface properties: Coupled vs. offline simulations don't agreeMarysa Lague
Disagreement between observed and simulated temperature responeses to deforestationLiang Chen
A new historical global crop time series for evaluating CLM5 crop distributions, harvest area, irrigation and yieldsPeter Lawrence
Using anomaly forcing CLM for crop yield projectionsYaqiong Lu
Historical impacts and mitigation potential of different tillage practices in the Community Land ModelMichael Graham

Other Presentations

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