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1. Introduction

The Community Atmosphere Model (CAM 3.0) is the latest in a series of global atmosphere models developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). This guide is intended to instruct the novice user on running CAM 3.0 and to inform the more experienced user on the changes that have gone into CAM 3.0 from CAM 2.0.

CAM 3.0 contains significant scientific and software changes from the last major release (CAM 2.0). These are discussed below in section 1.3. Please see the CAM 3.0 Scientific Descriptions [Collins et al., 2004] for a detailed discussion of the science in the model. Note that the climate produced by this version of the model is considerably different than that of the CAM 2.0 release.


Jim McCaa 2004-10-22