CESM Models

CCSM2.0.1 Public Release

Documentation, Source Code, and Input Data

This web page deals specifically with the coupled CCSM2.0.1 model release. At the bottom of the page are links to web pages for stand-alone versions of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) and Community Land Model (CLM).

The CCSM2.0.1 model release provides an incremental improvement over the CCSM2.0 release. A number of minor problems have been fixed, forcing datasets have been updated, and a lower-resolution paleo version (T31/gx3v4) of the model is now included. The baseline control run (T42/gx1v3) for CCSM2.0.1 is bit-for-bit exact compared to the CCSM2.0 control run. It is recommended that users take advantage of these improvements and use CCSM2.0.1 instead of CCSM2.0.

Model Documentation

Following are links to CCSM2.0.1 documentation including home pages for the various component models that are part of this official release.

The Complete Coupled System

Atmosphere Models

Ice Models

Land Models

Ocean Models


Model Source Code

Download the CCSM2.0.1 source code tar ball -- a gzipped tar file. Once uncompressed, the tar file is 17Mb. To get the source code,

Linux Version

The University of Bern has ported CCSM2.0.1 to a Linux cluster, and have graciously offered to serve that version to the community. Please go to www.climate.unibe.ch/CCSM for the Linux version. Thanks to the University of Bern, Climate and Environment Physics Group for their help and support.


Download and untar these tar files in the same directory as ccsm2.0.1. These bugs are reported on the Problem/Bug reports page. These patches correct minor bugs in the release code, and they will change the answers slightly compared to the B20.007 control run.>

Model Input Data

T31/gx3v4 input datasets tar file 333066240 Bytes
md5sum checksum of tar file (68 bytes)
text listing of tar file contents
T42/gx1v3 input datasets tar file 1045227520 Bytes
md5sum checksum of tar file (68 bytes)
text listing of tar file contents
T62 input datasets tar file (optional) 1065103360 Bytes
md5sum checksum of tar file (62 bytes)
text listing of tar file contents
CLM surface generation datasets tar file (optional) 1029488640 Bytes
md5sum checksum of tar file (80 bytes)
text listing of tar file contents


Model Output Data

This release is bit-for-bit exact compared to the CCSM2.0 model release for the control run. See the Experiments and Data section of the website for CCSM model output including the CCSM2.0 multi-century control run.

Known Problems and a review of Updates from CCSM2.0

CAM/CLM Release Web Pages

CAM (Community Atmosphere Model) and CLM (Community Land Model) are available as individual stand-alone versions. These can be downloaded from the sites below. Note that the CAM distribution includes the CLM as part of it's distribution as stand-alone CAM operation uses the CLM for land surface forcing.

More Information

To subscribe to the ccsm-users mailing list follow the link, or email your request to ccsm @ ucar.edu. These are low volume mailing lists that allow the community to stay up to date with new releases, important bugs, and development procedures. Or if you have any problems or additional questions, please email ccsm @ ucar.edu. If you'd like to report a bug, email ccsm @ ucar.edu. Finally, feel free to provide us with feedback at ccsm @ ucar.edu about anything related to the CCSM documentation, source code, or release process.