CESM2 Community Land Model

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The Community Land Model is the land model for the Community Earth System Model (CESM).

It is a collaborative project between scientists in the Terrestrial Sciences Section (TSS) and the Climate and Global Dynamics Division (CGD) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the CESM Land Model and Biogeochemistry Working Groups. Other principal working groups that contribute to the CLM are the Chemistry-Climate, Paleoclimate, Climate Change, and Land Ice Working Groups


CLM5.0 is the latest in a series of land models developed through the CESM project. More information on the CLM project and access to previous released CLM model versions and documentation can be found via the CLM Web Page. Note that CLM4.5 biogeophysics and biogeochemistry can be run from this release code. A new river model (MOSART) is also included.

The Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES) is available within the CLM5 release as a research option.



Previous Versions
  • CLM4.5 Technical Description [PDF]
  • What's new in CLM4.5 [HTML]
  • CLM4.0 Technical Description [PDF]
  • CLM4.0 Urban Model Technical Description [PDF]
  • What's new in CLM4.0 [HTML]



Model Design and Development

All future CLM development will occur within the framework of CTSM. CLM will be an instantiation of CTSM.

  • Development Guide
    CTSM development guidelines, workflow, and coding standards provided at CTSM github wiki page

Model output, diagnostic plots, and observations


Bibliography of papers utilizing and/or developing CLM - ALL * Last update: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Bibliography of papers utilizing and/or developing CLM - 2022 * Last update: [an error occurred while processing this directive]


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