AMWG Diagnostics Package


The AMWG diagnostics package produces over 600 plots and tables from CCSM (CAM) monthly netcdf files. 

The diagnostics package computes climatological means of the simulations and produced plots and tables of the mean climate in a variety of formats. The diagnostics package can be used to compare two CCSM (CAM) model simulations or for comparing a model simulation to the observational and reanalysis data. (Information about the AMWG datasets can be found in the Climate Data Guide.)

Example webpages created by the diagnostics package

Included in the package are HTML files which provide the infrastructure for a basic website for the display of all your plots and tables. The c-shell script has a switch for creating webpages automatically. When this is used the end result of running the script is a tar file of all the plots in gif, jpg or png format and the needed html files organized in the proper subdirectories. The user can then untar this file in a directory of their choosing and create a link to it.

  • Model fields compared with observational data plots
  • Comparison of two different models plots
  • CAM-chem diagnostics plots