AMWG Diagnostics Package | What's New


Add license and copyright terms, update and add datasets (CERES-EBAF, MERRA, JRA25, ERAI, ozone), improve html files.

Release version: amwg_diag_20140804

  • Add license and copyright terms,
  • Update datasets (update CERES-EBAF to 2.8, add comparison to MERRA, add fields in JRA25 and ERAI)
  • Update calculation of chemistry and aerosol budgets,
  • Update comparison to aircraft and ozonesonde observations
  • Change the html templates for better readibility
  • Fix various bugs

This release uses a new version of the AMWG script: diag140804.csh. Please update your scripts. 


New webpage for the AMWG diags.


Add license and copyright terms, update and add datasets (CERES-EBAF, MERRA, JRA25, ERAI, ozone). 

Release version: amwg_diag_20140804

A preliminary version of chemistry diagnostics is added for model to model comparisons and for comparisons against observations (see:  example of the chemistry diagnostics )  The chemistry diagnostics include:

  • Chemistry and aerosol budgets
  • Zonal average comparison of different chemicals between two models
  • Comparison to ozonesonde present day climatology (Tilmes et al., 2012)
  • Comparison of column ozone to OMI present day climatology (Ziemke et al., 2011)
  • Comparison of column CO with MOPITT Version 6 multispectral 'V6J' Level 3 product present day climatology (Deeter et al., in preparation)
  • Comparison to aircraft observations of various chemical species, (updated climatology from Emmons et al. 2000, Tilmes et al., in preparation)
  • IMPROVE surface aerosol observations

NB: At this stage, the chemistry diagnostics don't work in swift mode. This will be implemented in the next release.

The capability to read timeseries is in preparation of the new CESM workflow. This capability will become functional once the new naming convention has been decided.

This release uses a new version of the AMWG script: diag140207.csh. Please update your scripts.


Add compatibility with files on the SE grid 

Release version: amwg_diag5.6 

This release version is compatible with CAM history files on the Spectral Element (SE) grid. The script computes climatologies on the SE grid. The climatologies are then regridded on a finite volume grid (by default to 0.9x1.25 grid) before the plots are produced. The script still works for CAM history files on finite volume or eulerian grids. 

The script contains many updates and bugfixes on the top of the SE functionality. It has been installed and tested on the new NCAR data analysis clusters (geyser and caldera). 

This release requires using the latest version of ncl: ncl6.1 (The script will not work if you use ncl6.0)
It uses a new version of the AMWG script: diag121205.csh

Please update your scripts.


Tutorial: "How to use the task-parallel OMWG/AMWG diagnostic packages"

A tutorial on how to use the task-parallel OMWG/AMWG diagnostic packages was presented at the 17th Annual CESM Workshop. This tutorial is available  here or from the Swift Webpage


New observational/reanalysis datasets in the model-observation comparison (UWisc LWP, ERA-interim) 

Release version: amwg_diag5.5 

New observational/reanalysis datasets are used in the model-observation comparison. 

This includes comparison plots with the UWisc LWP and ERA-interim variables. 

Older datasets has been removed (ERA15). 

Information about the new datasets is available in the Climate Data Guide


Swift version of the AMWG Diagnostic Package is available at NCSS 
Release version: amwg_diag5.4 
The Swift version of the AMWG diagnostics is now working on lens (NCSS). 
There are step-by-step instructions at:


Release of the Swift version of the AMWG Diagnostic Package 

Release version: amwg_diag5.3 
On the top of previous functionalities, this version can produce the diagnostic plots using the task-parallel Swift system and reduce the total time needed to produce the plots. 

The Swift version is for friendly users:

  1. If you have an account on mirage, please see instructions: 
  2. Other interested users should get a copy of the full amwg_diag3.5 package and follow the instructions in the file amwg_diag3.5/swift/README-swift

See Where to find the Code page for instructions. 

Please report any Swift-related problems to: 

Development of the Swift version was sponsored by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science

This release uses a new version of the AMWG script:  diag120131.csh

Please update your scripts.


Dataset information on the Climate Data Guide 

Information about the AMWG datasets can be found in the  Climate Data Guide.

The Climate Data Guide provides guidance on the strengths and limitations of observational datasets and their applicability to model evaluations (including expert guidance, commentary, and questions)


COSP diagnostics are available 

Release version: amwg_diag5.2 
Purpose of changes:

  • Includes the COSP simulator diagnostics.
  • Modifications to speed up the code and prepare for AMWG diag parallelization 
  • Bugfixes in missing numbers and in Taylor diagrams (as described in: Known Bugs/Problems). 
  • This release uses a new version of the AMWG script: diag110912.csh and requires the use of NCL6.0.0. 
  • For CSIL users (running on mirage, etc): new location of the AMWG package code and datasets: 
  • For NERSC users: NCL6.0.0 is not the default at NERSC. 
    Please refer to instructions on how to load module NCL6.0.0 at NERSC.


Updated observational datasets (TRMM, GPCP, CloudSat, and CERES-EBAF)

Release version: amwg_diag5.1 
Purpose of changes:

  • Update datasets for TRMM, GPCP, CloudSat, and CERES-EBAF.
  • This release uses a new version of the AMWG script: diag110520.csh
  • For CGD users: new location of the AMWG package code and datasets: /project/amp/amwg/amwg_diagnostics


Release of the CESM1 Atmopsheric Model Working Group Diagnostics package

Release version: amwg_diag5.0
Among the new features:

  • Allows reading files from the HPSS 
  • capability to plot SON and MAM means 
  • capability to restrict the climos to the variables required by the AMWG package 
  • This release uses a new version of the AMWG script: diag110407.csh


New version of the AMWG script 

New script:  diag100413.csh. Fix a minor bug in the environment setting.


Creation of the mailing listccsm_amwgdiag
This mailing list allows users to receive a email when the code is updated. 


Release of the CCSM4 Atmopsheric Model Working Group Diagnostics package.