AMWG Diagnostics Package | Known Bugs & Problems


-- Don't use the variable "time" in the climo files (11/03/2015)

The variable "time" included in the climatologies should not be seen as a meaningful variable. This is due to the way we compute the climatologies. This variable should not be used as it has no meaning.

-- versions amwg_diag5.6 and beyond are not compatible with CAM3

To process diagnostics from CAM3 history output, users should use: amwg_diag5.5 
This can be find at:

-- Incompatibility between missing numbers in NCL6 and AMWG diags

This bug concerns running amwg_diag5.1 (and previous versions) with NCL6.0.0. 
The default missing values used by NCL changed in version 6.0.0 (For example, the default for float was -999 in NCL5 and is 9.96921e+36 in NCL6.)
The AMWG package assumed some hardwired values for missing numbers. As a result, missing numbers in set 1 will show as very long numbers.
This bug was fixed in amwg_diag5.2. 

-- Bug in Taylor diagrams

This bug concerns the version amwg_diag5.1 and previous versions. The domain used in the Taylor diagrams was restricted to 30S-30N for all variables. The domain should be set 90S-90N for all variables except for the ocean and land rainfall for which the domain is restricted to 30S-30N. This bug was fixed in amwg_diag5.2.

-- High resolution model output

For processing higher resolution model output (e.g. 0.5 degree) the memory allocated by NCL for the lat-lon plots may be insufficient. Try adding the following to the ncl .hluresfile file

*wsMaximumSize : 50000000

This value may need to be increased further for higher resolution model data