CVDP | Data Repository

The CVDP Data Repository holds CVDP output (graphics and data files) from numerous CMIP and CESM integrations. To access the output, simply select Images or Data for the desired model intercomparison listed in the Table below. The data are stored as tar files: within each tar file there are multiple netCDF files corresponding to each component member included in the comparison. To see an example of the netCDF file metadata, click here

The CVCWG freely distributes these results for non-commerical purposes and is not responsible for errors in the data or within the CVDP. Use the distributed data at your own risk. Note that not all output fields may be relevant for a particular set of model simulations. For example, modes of decadal variability are not meaningful if the period of record is too short.

When presenting results either in oral or written form, please acknowledge the NCAR Climate Analysis Section's Climate Variability Diagnostics Package. An overview paper of the CVDP can also be cited:

Phillips, A. S., C. Deser, and J. Fasullo, 2014: A New Tool for Evaluating Modes of Variability in Climate Models. EOS, 95, 453-455, doi: 10.1002/2014EO490002.

Questions and feedback about the CVDP Data Repository are welcomed and should be posted on the CESM Bulletin Board.

CVDP v5.1.1 (or newer) was used to create the comparisons shown below.

CESM Comparisons

CESM1 CAM5 BGC Large Ensemble 1920-2018 Images Data CESM1 CAM5 BGC Large Ensemble 1979-2018Images Data
CESM1 CAM5 BGC Large Ensemble 2019-2048 ImagesData  CESM1 CAM5 BGC Large Ensemble 2019-2100 ImagesData 
CESM1 CAM5 BGC Large Ensemble Controls Images Data CESM1 Last Millennium ImagesData
CESM Control Comparison Images Data CESM1 Last Millennium bycen Images Data


CMIP6 Comparisons (across scenarios)

historical + ssp119 Images Data historical + ssp126 Images Data
historical + ssp370 Images Data historical + ssp460 Images Data
historical + ssp585 Images Data


CMIP6 Comparisons (single scenario)

1pctCO2 Images Data amip Images Data
historical (Group 1) Images Data historical (Group 2) Images Data
hist-aer Images Data hist-GHG Images Data
hist-nat Images Data hist-sol Images Data
hist-stratO3 Images Data hist-volc Images Data
piControl Images Data ssp119 Images Data
ssp126 Images Data ssp245 Images Data
ssp370 Images Data ssp460 Images Data
ssp585 Images Data


CMIP5 Comparisons

1pctCO2 Images Data amipImages Data
Historical Images Data CMIP5 - Last Glacial Maximum Images Data
midHolocene Images Data past1000Images Data
past1000bycen Images Data piControl Images Data
rcp26 Images Data rcp45 Images Data
rcp60 Images Data rcp85 Images Data


CMIP3 Comparisons

1pctto2x Images Data 20c3mImages Data
amip Images Data picntrl Images Data
sresa1b Images Data sresa2  Images Data