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CESM Models: CSM Ocean Model Release 1.4.0


This is an archival page for informational and historical purposes only.

Please Note

The NCOM model has not been in use at NCAR for almost a decade. Therefore, it is not available. For our current ocean model, please click here.


The NCAR CSM Ocean Model (NCOM) is a collaborative project among all of the members of the CGD's Oceanography Section. Our goal is to develop and maintain a suite of state of the art ocean component models both for coupled climate system integrations and as testbeds for scientific processes studies in uncoupled mode.

Ocean modellers who acquire the NCOM 1.4 source code from this site should register as an NCOM user. Updates to the NCOM will be announced to registered users and will appear on this web page from time to time in the future. If you are an active NCOM user, please check this site periodically for the most recent updates to the NCOM and its data files. [Register as an NCOM User]

Publicly Released Version

Version 1.4 (4 August 1998)

Version 1.3 (23 September 1997)

Model Costs and Timing Comparisons

A comparison of NCOM and other ocean general- circulation models on a cost-per-gridpoint basis. [comparisons]

Scientific manuscripts

Ocean model picture gallery

Description: A collection of figures from the two degree resolution NCAR CSM Ocean Model, before and after full coupling within the overall Climate System Model. [gallery]