LME | Known Issues

  • August 2018: Daily PRECTMX (maximum precipitation over the day, filenames of form CASE.cam.h1.PRECTMX.[...]) data from all simulations are identical to PRECT (daily average precipitation) due to a model namelist input specification error. This issue cannot be corrected, and these data should not be used for assessing daily maximum precipitation. These data have been withdrawn from the Climate Data Gateway

  • For b.e11.BLMTRC5CN.f19_g16.001(full-forcing ensemble member #1), the atmospheric model history files are missing for years 850-1699. Other component models have complete history files for 850-2005. Single variable files for the atmospheric model are also incomplete, with only variables TS, TREFHT, PSL, PRECC, PRECL, and QFLUX having a complete time series from 850-2005.
  • pop_CFC tracers are turned on for full forcing extensions only.