2020 CESM Ocean Working Group & MOM6 Webinar Series

2020 CESM Ocean Working Group & MOM6 Webinar Series
* Virtual Meeting Via Zoom

Meeting Details

Event Dates: 03/18/20 - 03/19/20 04/15/20
Location: NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO

Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Webcast

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Meeting Contact

For questions agout the meeting, contact Elizabeth Faircloth [ fair@ucar.edu ]

Meeting Presentations

Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Presentation Title Presenter
SubAntarctic Zone winter mixed layers and mode water formation in high-resolution CESM Justin Small
Eastern Pacific Upwelling Anna-Lena Deppenmeier
Modeling Tidal Mixing in the Glacial Ocean Andreas Schmittner
Evaluation of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Under High CO2 Emissions Lívia Sancho
New developments in wave-sea ice interaction in CESM Baylor Fox-Kemper
Last gasps of POPping Langmuir Baylor Fox-Kemper
The Ocean Boundary Layer Bill Large
Eddy Energetics CPT Laure Zanna
Vertical Structure of Eddy Ian Grooms
Present and future submesoscale activity and its possible parameterization Kelvin Richards
Ongoing work in coupled data assimilation in POP/CESM and beyond Dan Amrhein
Southern Ocean calcification controls on the global distribution of alkalinity Kristen Krumhardt
The Role of Model Structure in Simulating Changes in Oceanic New Production in The 21st Century Jay Brett

MOM6 Webinar Series

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the MOM6 part of the original meeting is now a web series via Zoom. The webinar series will start on 13 April 2020 and continue until 3 August 2020.

To view the webinar schedule and recorded talks with PDFs visit the MOM6 Webinar Series Homepage

Webinar Dates

04/13/20 - 08/03/20

Webinar Agenda

View the agenda in PDF format here

Webcast Information

MOM6 Webinar Series webcast link:

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