2017 CVCWG Workshop Presentations

Session Chair: Shang-Ping Xie

Multi-decadal trend and space-time variability of Indian Ocean sea level since the 1960s: Effects of external forcing vs. internal climate modes
Weiqing Han

Unraveling the causes for the changing behavior of tropical Indian Ocean in the past few decades
Lei Zhang

Influence of internal climate variability on mitigating the projected future regional sea level rise
Aixue Hu, NCAR-CGD

Distinguishing forced modes from internal multi-decadal variability in the North Atlantic using CESM LENS
Mingfang Ting

Impacts of interdecadal Pacific oscillation and Atlantic multidecadal oscillation on global ocean heat content distribution
Zeyuan Hu

The ocean's effect on atmosphere heat transport
Laura Fleming

Using ensemble EOFs to identify ENSO precursors in the CESM
Naomi Goldenson

Role of stochastic atmospheric forcing in tropical Pacific decadal variability and ENSO modulation
Tianyi Sun

Predictions of returning La Nina for winter of 2017/18 using CESM1
Pedro DiNezio

Multi-year predictions of North American climate, drought, and wildfire
Yoshimitsu Chikamoto

The relative contributions of tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures and atmospheric internal variability to the recent global warming hiatus
Clara Deser, NCAR-CGD

Session Chair: Gerald Meehl

Sea surface temperature drives the sea surface height variability through atmosphere-ocean interactions
Xichen Li

Quantifying salt-advection feedbacks in the GFDL and CESM pre-industrial control simulations
Wei Cheng

Towards quantifying uncertainty in precipitation response to a warming climate in CESM
Ben Sanderson, NCAR-CGD

The uneven character of precipitation and its change
Angie Pendergrass, NCAR-CGD

How well do we know the climatological characteristics of the North Atlantic jet and how do global climate models compare?
Isla Simpson, NCAR-CGD

Fast adjustments of the Asian summer monsoon to anthropogenic aerosols
Xiaoqiong Li

The future of wind energy in California: Future projections in VR-CESM
Meina Wang

CVCWG plans for the next year