2012 WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

CAM updates and parameterization development in models

Status of CAM development and simulation activities
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

What’s new in the AMWG diagnostics package?
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD

Timeslice experiments at high resolution. What does the resolution by us?
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD

A description of progress on the "prescribed aerosol" CAM5 configuration
Phil Rasch

Evaluating and constraining ice cloud parameterizations in CAM5 with observations
Xiaohong Liu

Preliminary Results of the Coupling of CAM with CLUBB
Pete Bogenschutz, NCAR-CGD

Macrophysics/microphysics numerical coupling errors
Peter Caldwell

Measurements for Guiding Ice Nucleation, PSD and Morphology Parameterizations in CAM5
David Mitchell

Single-column study of low cloud feedback processes in CAM5 vs. LES
Chris Bretherton

Impact of a Cloud Thermodynamic Phase Parameterization Based on CALIPSO Observations on Climate Simulation
Yong Hu

CAM, high-resolution and resolution dependence

CAM behavior with very high vertical resolution (as low as 10 m at the surface)
Phil Rasch

Resolution dependency of CAM5 physics and its ramification on aerosol transport into the Arctic
Po-Lun Ma

CAM4 high resolution study comparison of T341 with T85
Kate Evans

The Impact of resolution based changes in GCM Total Water PDF on simulations at different horizontal resolutions
Andrea Molod

High resolution CAM: Phenomena and issues
Julio Bacmeister, NCAR-CGD

Multi-instance CESM plus DART for Fully Coupled Assimilation
Kevin Raeder, NCAR

Dynamical core development and regional climate modeling

An update on MPAS atmospheric dy-cores in CAM/CESM
Bill Skamarock

GFDL's finite-volume Cubed-Sphere Dynamical Core: Basic formulation, performance, and its applications in weather and climate modeling
Shian-Jiann Lin

Regional resolution refinement in CAM-SE
Mark Taylor

Progress on coupling WRF within CCSM for regional climate change studies
Minghua Zhang

CAM initialized simulations

Correspondence between short and long timescale systematic errors in CAM4/CAM5 explored by YOTC data
Hsi-Yen Ma

Perturbed-parameter hindcasts of the MJO with CAM5
Steve Klein

Quarter degree CAM5 precipitation characteristics in the eastern tropical Pacific in short forecasts
Dave Williamson, NCAR-CGD

CMIP5 and CESM analysis studies

An evaluation of ENSO asymmetry in CCSM4
Tao Zhang

An evaluation of atmospheric blocking in CESM and CAM
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

CAM and the COSP cloud-simulator package