2012 WG Meeting Presentations | BGCWG + LMWG

Jim Randerson

Evolution of the three-dimensional structure of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the 21st century
Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

Visual analytics tools for CLM
Chad Steed

Ensemble-based Data Assimilation for the Community Land Model
Andrew Fox

Uncertainty quantification in CLM: Comprehensive parameter sensitivity analysis for single point and global simulations
Dan Ricciuto

Crop Parameter Evaluation in CLM-Crop
Beth Drewniak

Present-day and projected permafrost in the CMIP5 models
Andrew Slater

Does increasing Arctic shrub abundance increase or decrease permafrost vulnerability?
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Permafrost Soil Warming Induced by CO2-Physiological Forcing and Increased Rainfall
Zack Subin

Impacts of changing boreal forest fire regimes on landscape composition and regional climate
Brendan Rogers

Multi-scale modeling approach to improve Arctic tundra ecosystem and climate system prediction – NGEE
Peter Thornton

Introduction of phosphorus dynamics and global-scale supporting datasets for CLM
Xiaojuan Yang

Global patterns of nitrogen limitation: Confronting two global biogeochemical models with observations
Quinn Thomas

Southern Ocean meridional overturning and air-sea CO2 flux variability in the CESM
Nicole Lovenduski

Oceanic iron cycle change and its impact on marine productivity in the 21st Century: a projection using CESM1
Kazuhiro Misumi

Ocean Ecosystem Developments in CESM
Keith Moore

Water isotopes in the Ocean Component of CESM
Jiaxu Zhang

Modeling Biogeochemistry within Sea Ice
Scott Elliott

Impacts of Sea Ice on the Iron Cycle and Marine Ecosystems
Shanlin Wang

Ocean model developments relevant to BGC
Gokhan Danabasoglu

Understanding and Modeling the Impacts of Soil Freeze/Thaw Processes on Water and Carbon Dynamics in High-latitude Regions
Mingjie Shi

Two-layer treatment of litter and soil organic matter pools and fluxes for CLM
Jiafu Mao

Use of the LIDET litter decomposition study to test soil carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry in CLM
Gordon Bonan, NCAR-CGD

Soil BGC in CLM Charlie Koven

Progress in developing CLM4-BeTR: a tool for incorporating and evaluating different formulations of below ground biogeochemistry
Jinyun Tang

The merits and challenges of the ED-based approach to vegetation modeling
Abby Swann

Carbon allocation strategies, community dynamics and death CLM(ED)
Rosie Fisher, NCAR-CGD

Toward a mechanistic nitrogen limitation for the Ecosystem Demography model
Chonggang Xu

Effects of inclusion of wind-driven seed dispersal in modeling the plant migration and estimating future terrestrial surface albedo from polar vegetation
Eunjee Lee