2014 WG Meeting Presentations | CVCWG + PWG

Water Isotopes in CESM
Esther Brady, NCAR-CGD

Water isotopes in CESM
Jesse Nusbaumer

Carbon isotopes in CESM
Alexandra Jahn, NCAR-CGD

Rectification of El Nino-Southern Oscillation as a possible cause of Tropical Pacific decadal variability
De-Zheng Sun

ENSO interdecadal modulation in CCSM4: A linear inverse modeling perspective
Antonietta Capotondi

Contrasting the midlatitude response to steady and fluctuating tropical heat sources
Grant Branstator, NCAR-CGD

Separating the stratospheric and tropospheric pathways of El Nino-Southern Oscillation teleconnections
Amy Butler

Climate impacts of 2-year La Nina events over North America
Pedro DiNezio

The role of soil water and land feedbacks in decadal drought in western North America
Sally Langford

Are past warm intervals in the western U.S. associated with drier conditions? A paleo model-data comparison
Corinne Wong

Changes in the distribution of rain frequency and intensity in response to warming
Angie Pendergrass

Seasonal response of the jet-stream to tropospheric warming
Libby Barnes

Why has the Arctic warmed?
Judith Perlwitz

On the atmospheric response to Arctic sea ice loss
Lantao Sun

Periodicity in the large-scale extratropical circulation
Dave Thompson

The atmospheric response to a shift in the Oyashio in CAM5: The impact of horizontal resolution
Dima Smirnov

Forced and internal variability of tropical cyclone track density in the western North Pacific
Mei Wei

A new Climate Variability Diagnostics Package with application to CESM and CMIP5
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Adam Phillips, NCAR-CGD

The CESM Large Ensemble
Clara Deser, NCAR-CGD

The CESM Last Millennium Project
Bette Otto-Bliesner, NCAR-CGD