Indo-Pacific water isotope variability during the last millennium

Co-Author: Bronwen Konecky
Co-Author: David Noone
Co-Author: Bette Otto-Bliesner
Co-Author: Kim Cobb
Co-Author: Jesse Nusbaumer
Co-Author: Esther Brady
Paleoclimate proxy records document enormous changes in Indo-Pacific hydroclimate during the past millennium, especially since the Little Ice Age. Many of these proxies are based on O and H isotopes in precipitation, surface waters, and seawater. We are using the Last Millennium Ensemble to force a set of isotope-enabled model simulations that will characterize tropical water isotope signatures during the past ~500 years. Hydrological and isotopic responses to volcanic, greenhouse gas, and solar forcings will be compared with fully-coupled experiments and to proxy data in order to isolate robust hydrologic and isotopic patterns in the Indo-Pacific since the LIA.