2012 WG Meeting Presentations | OMWG

Welcome and Meeting Overview

Model Developments

Update on GFDL MOM Developments
Steve Griffies

CSLAM Advection Scheme and Testing
Peter Lauritzen, NCAR-CGD

Status and Development Plan for MPAS-O
Todd Ringler

Model Developoments: Work in Progress with POP2

Mixing CPT: A New Near-Inertial Wave Mixing Parameterization
Markus Jochum, NCAR-CGD

Sea-ice CPT
Bruce Briegleb, NCAR-CGD

Topographic Control of Gulf Stream
Susan Bates, NCAR-CGD

Nancy Norton, NCAR-CGD

Modeling Ocean Variability and Biogeochemical Cycles
Matt Long

Options for Vertical Coordinates
Matthew Hecht

High Resolution Modeling

Development of a 1/16 Degree Eddy-resolving Global Ocean Simulation Within an Earth System Model Framework
Yu-heng Tseng

Ocean Heat Uptake in Eddy- and Non-eddy-resolving Transient Climate Change Simulations
Frank Bryan, NCAR-CGD

Anisotropy and Tracer Diagnosis
Baylor Fox-Kemper

NRCM Update
Justin Small, NCAR-CGD


Ocean Diagnostics with NCL
Dave Brown

Estimation of GM Diffusivity via UQ
Matthew Hecht

Ocean Mixing and Vegetation

North Pacific Mixing Processes and Ventilation in the CESM x3 Ocean Model
Keith Moore

Ocean Carbon Uptake
Matt Long, NCAR-CGD

Exploratory Experiments
Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR-CGD

Many core disruptive technologies are coming
Rich Loft, NCAR

Miscellaneous Science Talks

Thoughts about CINDY
Kelvin Richards

Does GM Work Well in the Southern Ocean?
Peter Gent, NCAR-CGD

A Decadal Prediction Case Study: Late 20th Century North Atlantic Ocean Heat Content
Steve Yeager, NCAR-CGD

Tropical Atlantic Variability
Ernesto Munoz, NCAR-CGD