2014 SEWG Workshop Presentations

CSEG update
Mariana Vertenstein, NCAR

Progress on accelerators
John Dennis, NCAR

Progress towards a robust land ice verification and validation framework
Kate Evans, ORNL

New CAM infrastructure: Enablin different grids for physics and dynamics
Steve Goldhaber, NCAR

Helen Kershaw, NCAR

CESM projects using ESMF and NUOPC conventions
Cecilia DeLuca, NOAA

PIO Update
Jim Edwards, NCAR

Parallel infrastructure in MOAB for climate data
Iulian Grindeanu, Argonne National Laboratory

CESM workflow refactoring
Sheri Mickelson, NCAR

Unit testing in CESM
Sean Santos, NCAR

Climate modeling workflow automation
Benjamin Mayer, ORNL