2015 WG Meeting Presentations | Joint Sessions

Joint Session: AMWG | CCWG | WAWG

Understanding the importance of chemistry representation in CESM1-CAM5
Simone Tilmes

Radiative forcings of wildfire aerosols estimated with CAM5
Xiaohong Liu

Prognostic stratospheric aerosols in CESM
Mike Mills

A multi-model analysis of aerosol effects on clouds simulated by global climate models
Steve Ghan

Effects of increased model lid on the atmosphere simulation in CAM5
Yaga Richter, NCAR-CGD

On the calculation of insolation in the CESM: A small surprise
Linjiong Zhou

CAM-SE dynamics update: Physics grid, tracers,...
Peter Lauritzen, NCAR-CGD

Overview of the DOE-ACME project
Peter Caldwell

CESM workflow plans
Alice Bertini, Sheri Mickelson

Joint Session: LIWG | PCWG

Late Pleistocene ice sheet-ice shelf-ocean interactions and abrupt climate and sea level change
Peter Clark

Progress and challenges in ice-sheet/climate coupling in CESM
Jeremy Fyke

Evaluation of present-day surface energy and mass balances of the Greenland ice sheet with CESM (CAM5)
Leo van Kampenhout

Intensification of the Antarctic hydrological cycle in a warming climate: A study with CESM
Jan Lenaerts

Toward high-resolution circum-Antarctic simulations using the POPSICLES coupled ice sheet-ocen model
Dan Martin

Assessing the impact of Arctic sea ice variability on the Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass and energy balance
Julienne Stroeve

Clouds, inversions, and radiation at Summit, Greenland
Nate Miller

CESM workflow refactor project
Alice Bertini, Sheri Mickelson

Joint Session: LMWG | SDWG

Attribution of the biogeochemical and biogeophysical impacts of CMIP5
Peter Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

The effects of land unit boundaries on GCAM land use and cover
Alan Di Vittorio

Using landscape typologies to model socioecological systems
Anthony King