2014 WG Meeting Presentations | OMWG

Updates and Developments

CESM Update
Marika Holland, NCAR-CGD

Large ensemble simulations

POP2 developments
Matthew Hecht

WaveWatch III and anisotropic GM
Baylor Fox-Kemper

Southern Ocean biases
Matthew Long, NCAR-CGD

CVMix: A modular vertical mixing framework
Mike Levy, NCAR-CGD

A simple coupler scheme for diurnal cycling in the upper ocean
Bill Large, NCAR-CGD

Parameterizing ocean mixing close to the equator
Kelvin Richards

Characterizations of ocean turbulence for tidal energy applications
Katherine McCaffrey

Tropical and South Atlantic biases
Justin Small

Modeling activities at University of Copenhagen
Markus Jochum

MPAS-O: Progress and outlook
Todd Ringler, Mark Petersen, Doug Jacobsen


Gokhan Danabasoglu, NCAR-CGD

Arctic Ocean circulation and exchanges with the North Atlantic/Pacific Ocean from RASM
Wieslaw Maslowski

Pacific Decadal Variability in CCSM
Wilbert Weijer

Spinup in CESM and CAM5 and discussion
Cecile Hannay, NCAR-CGD


Fast spinup of tracers
Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD

Ventilation of oxygen minimum zones
Keith Moore

Ocean acidification feedback to the calcium carbonate cycle
Shanlin Wang

Simulation of 137Cs activities off the Fukushima coast
Kazuhiro Misumi

A new approach to the analysis of energy transfer across scales
Hussein Aluie, Matthew Hecht

Data Assimilation

Ocean data assimilation at LANL
Balu Nadiga

Recent developments at ocean data assimilation at NCAR
Steve Yeager, NCAR-CGD

Coupled data assimilation with CESM - DART
Abhishek Chatterjee