2019 WG Meetings

Climate Variability and Change

Event Start Date: 02/27/19
Event End Date: 02/27/19
Location: NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO
Registration: $80 | Registration Closed


Participant List


Wednesday, 27 February 2019
Presentation Title Presenter
Was the 2015 North Atlantic cold blob predictable? Liz Maroon
Role of the North Atlantic Ocean in low frequency climate variability Fred Castruccio
The response of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean to climate change Mike Alexander
The predictability of late winter precipitation in western Europe Isla Simpson
Model drift in the CESM decadal prediction experiment Haiyan Teng
Sudden recent Antarctic sea ice retreat, connections to the tropics, and sustained changes to the upper ocean around Antarctica Jerry Meehl
The impact of cloud radiative feedbacks on Arctic sea ice in CESN Eleanor Midddlemas
A role for barotropic eddy-mean flow feedbacks in the zonal wind response to sea ice loss and Arctic Amplification Bryn Ronalds
The tropical impacts of projected Arctic and Antarctic sea ice loss Mark England
The energy cycle associated with ENSO Kevin Trenberth
Quantifying tropical air-sea interactions Jie He
ENSO diversity in CESM2 Antonietta Capotondi
Decadal variability in the frequency and duration of El Nino and La Nina events: Comparison between CESM2 and CCSM4 Davrence
Multi-decadal trend and decadal variability of the regional sea level over the Indian Ocean since the 1960s: Roles of climate modes and external forcing Weiqing Han
Emergence of an equatorial mode of climate variability in the Indian Ocean under altered mean states Pedro DiNezio
The uneven nature of precipitation and its change Angie Pendergrass
Projected changes of interannual North American hydroclimate variability and predictability Matt Newman
Organized convection parameterization for GCMs Mitch Moncrieff
Ensembles of ensembles: Using miltiple large ensembles to assess robust changes in climate variability and change Davrence
CESM1 single forcing ensembles Clara Deser
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