2012 WG Meeting Presentations | LIWG

The Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM)
Constantine Khroulev

Ice sheets in ModelE, the general circulation model of NASA GISS
Bob Fischer

A simple inverse method for deducing the large-scale distribution of basal sliding coefficients below the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Dave Pollard

Coupled ice sheet/climate simulations of Greenland evolution in high-CO2 conditions: sensitivity to modeled polar amplification
Jeremy Fyke

Ice sheet model development for CESM1.1
William Sacks

Resolving grounding line dynamics using the BISICLES adaptive ice sheet model
Daniel Martin

Recent developments in the GLIDE CISM dycore to create high-resolution, continent-scale Greenland simulations
Kate Evans

A finite element solver for ice-sheet dynamics to be integrated with MPAS
Mauro Perego

A preconditioning technique based on two-level domain decomposition methods
Duk-Soon Oh

An update on our method for simulating dynamic ice shelves in POP
Xylar Asay-Davis

General discussion on ice sheet model robustness
Jesse Johnson and others

A new 2-D subglacial drainage system model combining channels with sheet flow and water storage
Mauro Werder

Coupling a subglacial hydrologic model for distributed water flow to the Community Ice Sheet Model
Matt Hoffman

Dynamic inland propagation of thinning due to ice loss at the margins of the Greenland ice sheet
Weili Wang

Predicting the sea level rise contribution of Columbia Glacier using Monte Carlo simulations
Liam Colgan

Dynamics of a surging glacier - observations of the Bering Glacier surge 2011 and implications for modeling of crevassing, fracturing, and sudden accelerations
Ute Herzfeld