2015 WG Meeting Presentations | AMWG

AMWG Introduction
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD

A unified convection parameterization in CAM using CLUBB and SILHS sampled sub-columns
Kate Thayer-Calder

A new computational efficient sub-grid convective initiation scheme
Ahmed Tawfik

Anisotropic orography and surface drag in CAM
Julio Bacmeister, NCAR-CGD

The impact of changes in parameterizations of surface drag and vertical diffusion on the large scale circulation and boundary layer wind turning in CAM5
Gunilla Svenson

Update on CAM5 microphysical improvements regarding ice particle mass and area-dimensional expressions
David Mitchell

An update on convective microphysics parameterization in Zhang-McFarlane scheme
Guang Zhang

Advancing the representation of cloud microphysical processes in a snow growth model
Ehsan Erfani

Aerosols in NorESM2
Alf Grini

Energy conservation and boundary fluxes in CAM
Thomas Toniazzo

An Assessment of Variable-Resolution Climate Modeling in CAM
Paul Ullrich

Data Assimilation with a Refined Grid CAM-SE Applied to Hurricane Katrina
Kevin Raeder

CAM5 dynamical core impact on tropical cyclones
Kevin Reed

Why are tropical cyclones so intense in CAM5 at ultra-high resolutions?
Colin Zarzycki

A spectral-element vertical representation in CAM-SE
David Hall

Resolution and regional refinement sensitivity in CAM
Zhuxiao Li

The effects of vertical resolution in CAM-MPAS
Sang-Hun Park

An effective and efficient calibration strategy of uncertain physical parameters in the CAM physical parameterization package
Tao Zhang

An uncertainty quantification framework for Multiple Parameters: Case study and evaluating the sensitivities of AGCM-simulated tropical cyclones to initial conditions
Fei He

CLUBB: How it works
Vince Larson

Update of CAM-CLUBB simulations
Peter Bogenschutz

A Unified Convection Scheme (UNICON): Past, Present and Future
Sungsu Park

Global analyses of CAPT simulations on recent developed CAM parameterizations
Hsi-Yen Ma

An evaluation of candidate schemes for CAM5.5 in CAPT simulations with ground-based observations in the Azores
Xue Zheng

Assessment panel presentations and discussion

The AMWG climate variability package
Jack Chen

Simulating specific clouds in a Climate Model: Evaluating CAM6 Microphysics using in situ aircraft observations
Andrew Gettleman

Warm rain in marine stratocumulus: Should climate models parameterize self-collection or giant sea-salt aerosols as the autoconversion process
Jorgen Jensen

Climate Feedbacks and relationships between top-of-atmosphere radiation and temperatures on Earth: CESM vs. observations
Kevin Trenberth, NCAR-CGD

Atmospheric Blocking in the CESM large ensemble – The curse of internal variability
Rich Neale, NCAR-CGD