2014 WG Meeting Presentations | Joint

Joint Session: AMWG + CCWG

Representation of secondary organic aerosols in the CESM model as a part of the SciDac ACES4BGC project
Manish Shrivastava

Extension of the representation of SOAs in CAM
Alma Hodzic

Radiative forcing and climate response in coupled CESM/MARC simulations
Alex Avramov

CAM Dynamics Update
Peter Lauritzen, NCAR-CGD

Evaluating the resolution dependence of aerosol-cloud interations using A-Train satellite observations
Po-Lun Ma

Global modeling of secondary organic aerosol with an explicit scheme
Guangxing Lin

A New and Improved Coherent Prescribed Parameterization of the Stratospheric Aerosol for All Flavors of CESM
Ryan Neely

Dynamic marine aerosol emissions for Earth System Models
Scott Elliott

Joint Session: AMWG + WAWG

The QBO in Satellite Microwave Observations and Climate Models
Curt Covey

SC-WACCM: A dynamics-only version of WACCM (with specified chemistry)
Karen Smith

Effects of increased vertical resolution on the simulation of mean climate and the Auasi-Biennial Oscillation
Yaga Richter, NCAR-CGD

Toward a prognostic representation of stratospheric sulfate aerosol in CESM
Mike Mills, NCAR-ACD-CGD

CAM angular momentum conservation on slow rotators
Eric Larson

Joint Session: BGCWG + LMWG


Development of a land model benchmarking system
Mingquan Mu

Stress Deciduous Phenology in the CLM
Kyla Dahlin, NCAR-CGD

Constraints on ecosystem functional responses from atmospheric CO2
Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

Software Development

Influence of land use and land cover change on climate predictions over the period 1850-2004
Peter Thornton

Dynamic Landunits in CLM
Bill Sacks, NCAR-CGD

CLM refactoring
Stefan Muszala, NCAR-CGD


Modeling Root Hydraulic Redistribution in CLM4.5: Pitfalls and Gains
Jinyun Tang

Historical Evaluation of Hydrologic Components of CLM4: Surface Soil Water Content and Runoff
Enhao Du

An effective hyper-resolution pseudo-3D implementation of small scale hydrological features to improve regional and global climate studies
Pieter Hazenberg

Land-atmosphere interactions

Stable Water Isotopes
Tony Wong

Role of land surface on sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predicability
Sanjiv Kumar

Land-Convection Interactions: A Coupled Problem
Ahmed Tawfik

Ian Baker

Joint Session: LIWG + PCWG

Recent CESM science and model development: SMB variability, emergent SMB signals, and CESM/CISM atmosphere - topography
Jeremy Fyke

Ice sheet validation
Steve Price, Jeremy Fyke

CESM over Greenland: Ice sheet versus ice-free regions
Miren Vizcaino

CESM Large Ensemble Project/Climate Variability Diagnostics Package
Jennifer Kay, CU, Adam Phillips, NCAR-CGD

Worrying about snow
Ed Blanchard-Wrigglesworth

CESM - CISM for paleoclimate
Bette Otto-Bliesner, NCAR-CGD

Joint Session: LMWG + SDWG

Introduction to Joint SDWG/LMWG session
Lawrence Buja

Influence of land use and land cover change on climate predictions over the period 1850-2004
Peter Thornton

From land use to land cover: Restoring the afforestation signal in GCAM to CESM land coupling and the implications for CMIP5 RCP simulations
Alan DiVittorio

Representing human influence in CESM: Global testing of a river coupling and water management
Ruby Leung

Towards decision-based global land use models for improved understanding of the Earth system
Mark Rounsevell

Land-use change: Assessing the net climate forcing, and options for climate change mitigation and adaptation
Almut Arneth