2015 WG Meeting Presentations | BGCWG + LMWG

Assessment and revision of the groundwater scheme in CLM
Sean Swenson, NCAR-CGD

Using global bedrock depth data to implement variable soil depth in CLM4.5
Michael Brunke

CUAHSI contributions to CLM hydrology development
Martyn Clark

Representing sub-grid wetness in soil moisture 'bins'
Ian Baker

Use of composable solvers to represent multiphysics hydrologic processes in CLM
Gautam Bisht

Development of a large scale inundation scheme in MOSART
Xiangyu Luo

State of CLM
Dave Lawrence, NCAR-CGD

Update on CLM(ED) and NGEE-Tropics
Rosie Fisher

Using CLM(ED) as a basis for representing carbon cycling dynamics in tropical forests
Jennifer Holm, Ryan Knox

Physiological acclimation and adaptation in CLM 4.5
Tony King

Ecological consequences of altering the drought deciduous phenology algorithm
Kyla Dahlin

Representing isohydricity and anisohydricity in CLM: A prototype study
Daniel Kennedy, Pierre Gentine

Dynamic Roots in CLM: A new approach for root distribution
Beth Drewniak

Towards a more explicit representation of forestry in the CLM
Quinn Thomas

Structural uncertainty in permafrost simulations
Andrew Slater

Reducing CLM albedo biases in snow-effected forests
Justin Perket

BGCWG update
Keith Lindsay, NCAR-CGD

Controls on terrestrial carbon feedbacks by productivity and turnover of the vegetation and decomposing C pools in the CMIP5 ESMs
Charlie Koven

The impact of diagnostic and timescale on emergent constraints from CMIP5 models
Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

Non-linear carbon-water cycle effects in the ECP simulations
Forest Hoffman

Atmospheric impacts on Arctic terrestrial carbon exchange beyond 2100 in the CESM
Jessica Liptak

Climate and carbon cycle dynamics in a CESM simulation from 850-2100
Flavio Lehner

Long-term changes in land and ocean contributions to climate-carbon feedbacks in CESM1-BGC
Jim Randerson

Validating land carbon fluxes in the Community Land Model based on TransCom land regions
Ernesto Munoz, NCAR-CGD

Confronting CLM with land surface observations
Paul Dirmeyer, Ahmed Tawfik

ILAMB demonstration
Bill Sacks, NCAR-CGD

CESM Workflow Refactor Project
Alice Bertini, NCAR-CGD, Sheri Mickelson

Multi scale modeling of land-atmosphere interactions
Scott Denning

Application of reduced order modeling techniques to CLM for efficient simulation of spatial heterogeneity and uncertainty quantification
Zack Subin

Influence of phosphorus cycle coupling on land model response to CO2 fertilization and climate variability
Xiaojuan Yang

Biological uncertainty & C cycle predictability
Will Wieder, NCAR-CGD

Mechanistic model of the photosynthetic capacity in CLM(ED)
Chonggang Xu

Improved representation of global leaf and root physiology, and its role in carbon and nitrogen cycling in Community Land Model
Bardan Ghimire

Carbon cost of plant nitrogen acquisition: Global carbon cycle impact from an improved plant nitrogen cycle in the Community Land Model
Mingjie Shi

A description of reactive transport module BeTR-v2 and how to use it to design reaction based subsurface biogeochemistry
Jinyun Tang

Progressive mid-latitude afforestation: impacts on the global energy budget
Marysa Lague, Abby Swann

Natural resource availability under future environmental change
Danica Lombardozzi

Using and developing CESM/CLM for simulating oil palm plantations and related land use change in Indonesia and
Fernando Moyano, Yuanchao Fan