2019 WG Meetings

Land Model and Biogeochemistry
Working Group Meetings

Event Start Date: 02/11/19
Event End Date: 02/13/19
Location: NCAR, Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO
Registration: $80 | Registration Closed

Webcast Information:
Main Seminar Room http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/mms/ml-live.htm


Participant List


Monday, 11 February 2019
Presentation Title Presenter
State of CLM and CESM Dave Lawrence
Model structure and climate data uncertainty in historical simulations of the terrestrial carbon cycle (1850-2014) Gordon Bonan
Carbon cycle variability (or lack thereof) in CLM Will Wieder
Plans for accounting for observational uncertainty in ILAMB Nate Collier
Machine learning for parameter estimation in CLM5 Katie Dagon
Update on BGCWG activities Keith Lindsay
CLM5.0 Matrix Model: Computational Efficiency, Diagnostics, and Improvement with Data Yiqi Luo
Modeling the biosphere in 2050: Successes and failures, consensus and controversies Gordon Bonan
Who wins: testing competitive ability resulting from leaf plasticity responses to elevated CO2 using FATES Abby Swann
Fire, fuels, and competition: capturing tropical forests and savannas with FATES-SPITFIRE Jackie Shuman
Multi-Assumption modeling of photosynthesis Anthony Walker
Plan for LULCC in FATES Charlie Koven
CTSM Status Dave Lawrence
NWP configuration Mike Barlage
Software update Bill Sacks
LILAC Joe Hamman
Mizuroute Naoki Mizukami

Tuesday, 12 February 2019
Presentation Title Presenter
Crop model updates and plans Danica Lombardozzi
Update on land use and land cover change datasets for CLM Peter Lawrence
Parameterization of perennial bioenergy crops in CLM5 Y.Cheng / M.Huang
Forest management in space and time, when it matters and when it doesn't Joshua Rady
Modeling the impacts of climate and land use change on the emission and transport of rust spores Marje Prank
The GLACE-Hydrology Experiment- Investigation the remote and local responses of the land-atmosphere coupling on soil moisture predictability Sanjiy Kumar
Modeling ammonia volatilization in CLM: global agricultural emissions and their atmospheric impacts Julius Vira
Impact of land use and land cover change on regional climate over the contiguous United States using variable-resolution CESM2 Anjana Devanand
Differing responses in diurnal cycle of land surface and air temperature to deforestation David Benson
Using the CESM to review mitigation strategies for urban emissions and heat islands Johann Feddema
Global radiocarbon observations suggest a reduced soil carbon sink in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model Paul Levine
Drought vulnerability in CLM5 Daniel Kennedy
Update on hillslop hydrology Sean Swenson
Global river responses to rising CO2: separating the effects on physiological and radiative changes on streamflow and flooding Megan Fowler
The impact of reservoirs on the climate: towards representing reservoirs in CLM Inne Vanderkelen

Wednesday, 13 February 2019
Presentation Title Presenter
Applications of CLM Carbon Physics in NASA GMAO Modeling Studies Fanwei Zeng
Addressing Arctic-Boreal plant function type biases in carbon cycling in the community land model Lea Birch
Northern Hemisphere patterns of land surface phenology in the community land model Grace Li
Regional attribution of CO2 seasonal cycle amplification in Northern high latitude X.Lin / G.Keppel-Aleks
Biomass partitioning using and optimization approach from economic theory Beth Drewniak
How can biosphere models grow enough vegetation biomass in the mountians of Wester United States? Implications of meteorological forcing Henrique Duarte
Modeling vegetation composition and biomass of the sagebrush ecosystem in the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed (RCEW) for different CO2 and fire conditions, using the Ecosystem Demography (EDv2.2) Model Karun Pandit
Tracking changes in the timing and duration of the vernal window Liz Burakowski
Quantifying impacts of soil fabric changes on water and biogeochemical fluxes at the continental scale using CLM5.0 C-N Caroline Nash